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Michelle Beyer


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Taylor Vest Coleman


Lorís Simón Salum

Public Relations

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Tracey Sadler


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Shulenberger  headshot.jpg

Sheri Shulenberger

Past President

Karen R. Burke

Advising Founding Member

Maria Vanillo Enriquez

Executive Assistant

How the Texas SandTray Association Board Works

Overall TSTA Board Member Responsibilities

  • Duty of Care – Ensuring TSTA’s assets are used with prudence and care.

  • Duty of Loyalty – Ensuring the board makes decisions in TSTA’s best interest.

  • Duty of Obedience – Ensuring TSTA is continually in compliance with its bylaws and all other laws and regulations.

• Organizational Planning — The TSTA Board is responsible for creating a strategic plan to identify long and short-term goals and working toward achieving them.

• Monitoring and Managing Financial Resources — TSTA Board directors work together to establish a budget and ensure proper internal controls are in place for incoming and outgoing funds.

• Serving on Committees — It is considered a best practice for all board members to serve on at least one committee.

• Recruiting New Board Members — The purpose of recruiting new board members is to adjust the leadership to meet changing organizational needs. A pipeline of qualified recruits enables the board to choose top talent as they need it.

• Spreading the Word About the Organization — TSTA Board members serve as ambassadors for Texas SandTray Association. They should engage in outreach to expand the nonprofit’s network of donors and supporters and enhance its public standing.



• Committing Their Time for Board and Committee Meetings — Board service requires a time commitment. Board members must be available for all board and committee meetings and fulfill their duties outside the boardroom.

• Maintaining Integrity — TSTA Board directors should behave truthfully and ethically and set an example for others. The TSTA Board is responsible for establishing basic policies to support the integrity of TSTA’s reputation.

• Ensure Legal Compliance — TSTA Board directors have a fiduciary duty to ensure that TSTA complies with its legal obligations. Ensuring legal compliance falls under the Duty of Obedience.

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