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What does TSTA stand for?

Texas SandTray Association

How much does membership cost?

$75 for Professional Membership

$35 for Students/Interns/Associates

Memberships renew annually

How do I know when to renew my membership?

Members will receive an email alert annually reminding them that the due date is approaching to renew membership dues. 



What is Sandtray Therapy? 

TSTA believes that Sandtray is fundamentally a nondirective approach, although directive techniques can be applied when appropriate, as guided by the Sandtray therapist’s clinical judgement and theoretical orientation. The therapeutic stance is client centered, allowing the client to lead the process and interpret his or her own work while the therapist demonstrates total positive regard. Because the client’s work is symbolic, the therapist stays in the metaphor. The sandtray is a sacred space that must be protected from all intrusions, including the therapist’s or another’s body, interpretation and/or narrative.

Although we acknowledge the many people who have contributed to the creation and continued evolution of Sandtray, we also believe that this modality began with the World Technique, created by Margaret Lowenfeld. We believe Dora Kolff took World Technique and through her Jungian theoretical perspective made adaptations to the modality which became Sand Play. From Sand Play, Sandtray has evolved.

While we welcome different ideas and perspectives about sandtray, this is the definition of Sandtray that TSTA stands behind.

What is Sandtray Certification?

TSTA offers two levels of Sandtray Certification:

1) Clinical Certification in Sandtray Therapy (CCST)

2) Advanced Clinical Certification in Sandtray Therapy (CCST-AC).


What happens if my certification expires?

You can renew your certification within 6 months of its expiration. Please reach out to the executive assistant to inquire about a recertification plan. 

When is the annual conference?

TSTA hosts a sandtray conference in the fall of each year.

Feel free to contact us with questions about attending and/or presenting at an upcoming conference.

Can I become certified as an associate or without a mental health license?

TSTA requires a fully active state mental health license. This is a clinical certification so it is necessary that CCST’s are all qualified at that level. You may begin to train before you are fully licensed and those levels will count toward your certification, once your licensing process is complete. 


How do I become a trainer?

To become a certified TSTA trainer you must complete levels 1-4 and become certified as a CCST. You must also attend a Train the Trainer one day session. You must be a CCST for one year before applying to become a trainer. Send in the appropriate forms and fees and once approved, you will be able provide training to the levels you have completed yourself. 

How do I see what trainings are being offered?

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